Music.  we all love it, and if you don't, stop being my friend or a follower for that matter.  At any given point of my day music can be found playing somewhere near.  We all draw from music, and we all wish we could create music.  I personally have zero musical talent, but my appreciation... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Point Break

Im not going to lie, was pretty excited the first time I saw the preview for the new Point Break film.  However, within the first five minutes of the movie I quickly realized that I was duped by the limited previews.  Had they shown me any more than what they did, I for sure would... Continue Reading →

Abby Wombach. Legend.

Wombach is a legend.  As simple as that.  I can always respect someone that has pushed their sport, and themselves, but also knows when its time to move on.  I'm sure she will be involved in some way or another, so she wont be gone from the sport entirely.  Thanks Abby for showing women how... Continue Reading →

Video and a bit of speculation

Feature image by @margusriga Anytime there is a total shredder and a Red Dragon being used, I'm a happy camper. Cody Kelly, total ripper and all around good guy dropped this web edit yesterday.  Shot by Jacob Callaghan on the High Sight Pro, is a quick little edit that makes you realize two things.  1.... Continue Reading →

Coffee with @barrynobles95

One of my all time favorite humans is Barry Nobles.  Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to France with him to the St. Ettienne race, and spend a few days exploring some cool spots.  Traveling with Barry is a bit hectic.  The dude is a mega star and will always take the time... Continue Reading →


Today was a good day.  I went to the bookstore and the place was jamming!   Loads of people out and about on a sunday, looking to a bookstore to fulfill their gift giving demands.  Regardless I was stoked to see so many people at the bookstore that I regularly go to and find empty.... Continue Reading →

Rusty M

Summer 2004, I moved to Lake Powell, and for the first time I strapped a wakeboard to my feet.  Wakeboarding is alot like snowboarding in the sense of all the top guys are midgets and under 160 lbs.  Me being bit of a bigger guy found it harder to learn the spins and tricks, but... Continue Reading →

Vid pick of the week

Downloaded A view From a Blue Moon Last Thursday and finally got around to watching it last night.  Simply put, amazing.  I am a fan of surfing, and the ocean, but have absolutely no desire to be in the water nor surf, just a fan.  I'm a fan of the athleticism, mother nature, and the... Continue Reading →

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