Self admittedly I was one of those guys for many years that thought yoga was for girls and guys that wreaked in the stench that is patchouli oil and wore birkenstocks.  I will stand before you and say that I was dead wrong.  In 2014 at the recommendation of my coach and brother James, I started implementing yoga into my weekly routine of training and within the first week I could tell the difference, both mentally and physically.

In 2015 I was a complete slacker when it came to being disciplined with yoga.  I was a wreck mentally and it showed.  My injury in July has set me back, but as of last week I have hit full range of motion in my left leg and will be implementing yoga next week.  I am very excited to start this back up.

Let me introduce you to one of my all time favorite humans and great friend Nate.  Nate and I met in 2011 in Logan at 1896 tattoo while I was being zapped by one of his co workers.  Some people are just drawn to others, and that is the story with Nate and I.  We have become great friends and he is someone that I continually go to for advice and a great perspective.  He recently became a father and has embraced it amazingly which makes our bond even better. (I like people that like want to be parents)  Nate has taken on the task of educating himself and becoming certified in many yoga styles.  This has been a cool process to see from the outside perspective and I am excited to hear about the process and the self growth.  12319476_1063441253687830_781543306_n

If your reading this, you should also follow them on instagram @nathanmarcus and @melburchyoga  are both inspiring and great humans.  The world could use more people like Nate and Melissa.

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