Vid pick of the week

Downloaded A view From a Blue Moon Last Thursday and finally got around to watching it last night.  Simply put, amazing.  I am a fan of surfing, and the ocean, but have absolutely no desire to be in the water nor surf, just a fan.  I’m a fan of the athleticism, mother nature, and the power and force of the ocean.  I love how man can take something so natural and do something so amazing.  Man is not in control, just a pawn making the beast work for their purpose.

The cinematography is top notch.  The entire film was shot if 4K and follows surfer Jonathon Florence and his crew as they travel the world to some incredible surf.  One thing that stuck out to me was the way they portrayed Jonathon as a quiet person, with his interests in photography and friendship.  His quiet demeanor is unleashed as his airs are beyond my comprehension.  I was impressed and whether or not you’re a surf fan, this film is a must see.



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