Today was a good day.  I went to the bookstore and the place was jamming!   Loads of people out and about on a sunday, looking to a bookstore to fulfill their gift giving demands.  Regardless I was stoked to see so many people at the bookstore that I regularly go to and find empty.  I knew what I was looking for.  1. Journal for the one of my littles, and 2. Meta  Currently my favorite publication with Later Mag coming in second.  I love these two print publications and appreciate their dedication to the dying craft that is print.

META ISSUE 4 out now!  Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

The attention to detail.  The layouts.  The focus on quality photos over quantity, and the limited adverts that will drain my interests faster than a kid with A.D.D. on 67 pixie sticks can ask you if you want to play baseball.  Meta originally only came out twice a year, but has bumped it up to 3 times a year.  This also makes me happy, Im entirely way too impatient to wait that long.  The articles that grace these pages have a way of drawing me in, and I pretty much will read it cover to cover within the hour of purchase.

I draw inspiration from these publications.  Not only for the things that I want to do with the Agelessfam but for life in general.  These also just play a good role in how I enjoy some downtime.  Grab a cup of coffee, the print, and a kid, head to the park and enjoy the day.   I have been trying to dabble in photography a bit more.  Not because I want to be a professional photographer, but because I feel lucky to do the things I do and want to be able to capture them in a way that shows the story with the emotion that I feel when I do experience this life.

A sunday afternoon at the park.  Coffee.  A dirt pile. Later mag. Happiness.

Print to me is real.  Gracing the pages of a magazine was a dream of mine ever since I started picking up one of the two issues of the MX magazines at the gas station in my hometown.  If you made it on the pages of a magazine, you made it.  You were selected by someone that sees thousands of other people do the same craft, and yet they chose you.  How many kids tore out pages of magazines and hung them on the walls of their heroes?  How cool would it be to be one of those guys?  The beginning of dreams start with print.

Long live print.

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