Coffee with @barrynobles95


One of my all time favorite humans is Barry Nobles.  Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to France with him to the St. Ettienne race, and spend a few days exploring some cool spots.  Traveling with Barry is a bit hectic.  The dude is a mega star and will always take the time to chat with fans or take photo. You should probably follow him on instagram, guaranteed to entertain @barrynobles9

I sat down with Barry to talk about the past season and the future.  Enjoy.


You have been in the game for a minute and traveled all over the world.  Tell us about your favorite place you have been to?

I have a few “worst” but not many “the best” I try to make sure each trip tops the last. Greece this year was super rad though. Luckily my girl Caroline is down to ride, so we had scooters for a week and tore up the town haha. 

Best place to get a cup of coffee?

Hahaha a real coffee drinker will hate this. Gotta be Starbucks just because I drink ice coffees and haven’t found an ice coffee yet that taste the same or better and still gives me the same buzz that those do! I’m almost 30, I need the kick in the ass some mornings


Do you get tired of the travel?

Every year by November I’m over it, hahaha. I’ve slowly learned over the years so, I balanced this year well so I was pretty good come November. But I had a lot of chill time after the World Cup season. 

2015 saw some changes for you and how you approached the race circuit.  How are you going to approach 2016?  Are you going to be adding more MTB events? Fest series? 

I lost a lot of passion and fun in Bmx this year that made me go backwards. I worked really hard but the “one focus” just drove me crazy and I stopped enjoying it. That’s when it became a drop. Wether I’m in Rio or not, 2016 is back to living the dream for me. 

I saw that you did your first Heli pilot lesson, is that something that you want to do more of?

That was actually just a meet and greet. Yes I plan to get my heli pilot commercial license. Just fitting it in with time is what I’m waiting for now. 

English or French bullies?

Love both, but I’m a frenchie guy. Much cleaner bulldog for my OCD life haha

How long are you heading over to Australia for and whats on the schedule for your visit?

Only a short trip this year. I’ll be back mid Jan and Caroline will be back soon after. She’s pretty much based her self in the US now. I’ll actually get some time at the snow this year! 

You always seem to be tinkering with something or building something useful, is this something you could do more of in the future?

Haha taking one day at a time. I have way to many future plans but we will just say everything is going in the right direction right now! 

Can I get a selfie?


last words: 

Don’t live in regret. 


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