Movie Review: Point Break

Im not going to lie, was pretty excited the first time I saw the preview for the new Point Break film.  However, within the first five minutes of the movie I quickly realized that I was duped by the limited previews.  Had they shown me any more than what they did, I for sure would have skipped the sunday matinee and opted for a route canal instead.

Why is it that when Hollywood portrays an “extreme” athlete, they have to be covered in garbage tattoos, and have an IQ of about 2.5?  Not every surfer, moto X rider, snowboarder, and rock climber is covered in ink. But I digress.

The original crew. 

The movie has the same characters as last time with a bit of a twist. Some of the scenes were recreated, such as the one where he has a clean shot and shoots into the air while screaming.  I was completely over it at this point.  But there was popcorn so I kept on trucking.  The free climb of Angel Falls in Venezuela was a bit much.  Free climbing is gnarly, and the consequence is pretty much the worst, if anything goes wrong.

Oh man this movie sucked.  Save yourself the money, and just dig out the dusty DVD of the original and watch it.  Trust me, you won’t find enlightenment in the new one.  If you get that reference, than Im sorry you too wasted your money.

Johnny Utah and Brody from the 1st version.  The original wins out on this one.

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