Sorry for sucking

Yeah yeah, you've all heard it before.  "I promise Ill post more, and write more, and blah blah, blah."  Well, I'm busy with life, and life takes the cake when it comes to priorities.  Anyway, I stumbled across this video again today and its a good one.  Makes ya think a bit, and the video... Continue Reading →

I’m not lost, I’m wandering

I like Bryce Betts.  I like that he puts himself out there and is always up to something. Whether it be shredding in the 19-27 expert class, designing pretty much anything, or writing for I'm a fan.  Here is his first vlog.  I hate the word vlog, but the video is good and hope... Continue Reading →


Brain injuries.  Oh man.  I have many opinions on alot of different things, but one of my strongest opinions is when it comes to brain injuries and concussions.  Sure Im not a Dr. and I might not know the exact science, but what I do know is what I have seen with those directly around... Continue Reading →

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