Mid week nonsense

Sorry for the profanity within the picture.  Its wednesday and sometimes you just need a little pick up cup, or four.  Stumbled upon this video yesterday and be that Im not much of a ski fan, I was still quite impressed.  Perfectly times slow mo's, smooth scene transitions, and overall A+ creativity give this video... Continue Reading →


Some weeks it feels like the weekend will never arrive.  This week was one of those week.  Hitting the 40 hour mark by 10 AM Thursday morning, but just keep driving, dont quit, we came to run this place.

Oh Ryan

Here at Ageless we have been fans, well, more like superfanatic fan boys for Ryan Reynolds since the Van Wilder days.  Our 3rd (of seven) year of college probably consisted of more hours watching that movie than time actually spent in class.  Time well spent if you ask me. Here is an interview by the... Continue Reading →

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