Rather than updating this site, I have been updating my life.  Taking care of business in multiple ways, but the fire for this site is still there.  I just need to totally realize the direction that I want to take this, and how far I want to take it.  I do have a contributing writer that approached me about writing for the site, so I am excited about that.  She is currently chasing one of two olympic qualification spots for females in the BMX category, so we will cut her some slack on getting us some material to post.

I don’t know much about the Instagram update, but I do know this.  I only follow people that I want to follow on Instagram.  I like scrolling through at random times and seeing people that I have chosen to follow and see their updates.  Why must the brains behind the business try and decide what I want to see.  The feed has already been inundated with ads as of late and I have just lost interest in updating my own feed, even though I contractually need to.

Living real life is where its at.  Being in the moment and soaking it it.  Sure we love to take photos and believe that everyone else wants or needs to see it, but as of late, its been nice to be about it rather than talk about it.

This site is an outlet for my creativity or major lack there of.  I have a vision of where I want to take it, just need to decide if its now or later.

Get busy livin’ or get busy updating?  Enjoy life folks, Ill stalk my friends to see your photos.

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