downtime_ep5_landWord spread quickly through the cycling world yesterday as one of the good guys passed on.  As a fan, and a fan only, I was introduced to Stevie Smith in the video Seasons.  I became an instant fan and that fan-ship has grown over the years with cups of coffee and early morning World Cup racing via the internet.  I have always respected the flat out riding style, and flat out lifestyle that Stevie lived, but at the same time remained a truly good human.  This is self evident as you look around the interwebs today and see the outpouring of support and love shown.  Watching those early videos, you could see he had determination to become a champion, and in 2013 he brought home the World Cup championships to Canada.  Gone far too soon, we as fans are thankful this his legacy will live on through his friends memories and the videos that were made. The consummate professional and proud Canadian, I will always remain a fan.

I share with you the first part of Stevie in Seasons.  Chase that dream.



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