Music, yup, I love it.  Having the chance to see one of your favorite bands at one of your favorite venues is a must.  Of course my all time favorite venue is RedRocks in Colorado, but this time of year can be so hit and miss with weather, so the next best option is The Depot in SLC.  A small venue with just enough space for people not to kill each other due to over crowding.  I’m for sure a small venue type of guy.I have been listening to O.A.R., or Of A Revolution, since the summer of 2004.  First time I heard them was on the stoop of dorm 4 in Lake Powell.  I had just arrived there for the summer and joined a few fellas for a game of poker, no seriously, thats what they were playing.  I had no idea who they were, but I was hooked immediately.


I have since seen them live 4 times, and every time I have seen them I have been fortunate to be joined with genuine friends.  Something that I have come to realize is fleeting.    In a world so full of fake, live music bring a much needed refreshing of sorts.  Real.  Live.  Raw. We are so full of instant gratification and fake friendships nowadays.  Everything is done through our phones, computer, tablets, or some form of electronic interaction.

I have noticed this over the past few months and have made an effort to reach out to friends.  I call mainly on the weekends.  Sunday mornings are my time.  Even if they don’t answer, and that is often, my hope at least is to let them know that our friendships are much more than a “like” or double tap on a screen.

One of my favorite songs from O.A.R. is “I feel home”.  This song designates with me for multiple reasons.  The song always reminds me of Logan and some of the great friendships that were developed up there.  “home is reality, and all I need is something real.”

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