Big fan of Fuzz over here, especially when he goes hard in the paint with his special projects.   Fuzz is just getting started and we look forward to what he will come up with next, maybe we will collaborate.  He is my neighbor after all............................  

San Diego recap

Different weekend same story.  K Roc and McElrath walk away with the show, but it wasn't quite as easy as it was a week ago. McElrath had to work his way up to the front from not too far back.  He was on a different pace though and it could be seen from the early... Continue Reading →

The Throwback

I was a bit skeptical when I kept seeing the teasers for this remake.  The clips never had the true soundtrack to the original, which in my opinion, really helped make the video part and turned thousands of moto bros into Face to Face fans.  The makers kept true to the original and made one... Continue Reading →

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