San Diego recap

Different weekend same story.  K Roc and McElrath walk away with the show, but it wasn’t quite as easy as it was a week ago.

McElrath had to work his way up to the front from not too far back.  He was on a different pace though and it could be seen from the early laps.  I loved the battle between he and team green right off the bat, made for good watching.  I feel the lights aren’t quite as heavy as they were last year, and it will be interesting to see who comes swinging on the east coast.  McElrath is my pick to take the west, but overall I would love to see the former BMXer Christian Craig take the overall in Vegas.  We shall see.

Moving up to the big bikes, my picks were a little different than the overall outcome, but I had four of the five in the top 5, just in a totally different order.  Of course I did.  I had picked Dungey for the overall win.  He was fastest in the timed practice and I was counting on his experience to take over and get the W.  K Roc however, came to do work this year and its apparent.  Honda must be too stoked on his performance, betting the bank on this rider to bring back the glory of Ol’ Red, they will ride this train as long as they can thats for sure.

I keep hoping that Tomac will put it together and ride the main like he rides in practice or even qualifying for that matter.  But its just not happening.  He might be a late bloomer and I won’t give up on the young gun from my neighboring Colorado.  I had higher hopes for Cooper Webb as well, but he just doesn’t seem to be factor for the front quite yet. El Hombre keeps chipping away and could also be a factor.

A couple of riders that are for sure not factors at this point are the Stewart brothers.  Riders of any two wheels should take notice about this.  Undeniably talented the two riders are currently without sponsorship.  I am of course 100% speculating, but I think there have been offers on the table, but nothing that wets the appetite of the two, but really whats there to market?  Yes, the elder brother has the record to back it up, but as of the past couple of years and plagues of injury and of course the drug test failure, he has done nothing to warrant a paycheck. The younger of the two put it together last season, but in my opinion is a bit feisty to warrant a big pay day.  Too much drama here to being in the cashola.   Ill let Chad do the rest of the talking on this:



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