So if you live under a rock and didn't catch the last round of AMA Supercross in the city of Salt, well then, you should just quit watching.  You missed the best race of the season.  I have been an avid fan of SX racing for over a decade, truth be told I have always... Continue Reading →

Saturday update 1.0

Happy Saturday!  Hopefully you're enjoying a great cup of morning joe, or your drinking lemon water prepping for the day.  Personally I'm on cup one of two, and chilling at my favorite place for morning sessions, Grounds for Coffee.   Weather is garbage for the weekend so its going to be an inside kind of... Continue Reading →


I'm a firm believer in hobbies and as I get a bit older my hobbies of course change.  I have always loved photography.  But not photography for financial gain.  I have always just loved to take photos that I like, I don't give a shit what's right or wrong.  I like what I like. My... Continue Reading →

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