I’m a firm believer in hobbies and as I get a bit older my hobbies of course change.  I have always loved photography.  But not photography for financial gain.  I have always just loved to take photos that I like, I don’t give a shit what’s right or wrong.  I like what I like.

My photo hobby is two fold.  I love going out and snapping four or five shots and the adventure that comes along with that.  I don’t snap off a ton of photos and hope for a good one, I grab a few and either they work or they don’t. Either way I have fun.  The other part is I like to spend money.  But let’s not get into that as the boss might read this.

Anyway I’m working on some stuff with some folks and have added some contributors the site.  I’ll introduce those fellas tomorrow. Here’s two shots I grabbed the other night on my walkabout.

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