Saturday update 1.0

Happy Saturday!  Hopefully you’re enjoying a great cup of morning joe, or your drinking lemon water prepping for the day.  Personally I’m on cup one of two, and chilling at my favorite place for morning sessions, Grounds for Coffee.   Weather is garbage for the weekend so its going to be an inside kind of weekend.  Kind of a bummer really.  The somewhat warm weather is a tease and just makes us all want to go out and play, but soon enough.


Lets talk about the garbage that is Daniel Cormier, light heavy weight UFC champion. This cat is a “professional” fighter.  He gets paid a shit ton to fight at a certain weight that  he is aware of/chosen yet shows up to the final weigh ins 1.5 pounds over weight?  Disappears for two minutes comes back and then pulls this garbage.  Its blatantly apparent what is going on here, and for those of you that have never stepped on a scale, its incredibly easy to fudge a pound of so, (Enter butt cheek lift here).  The towel holder on the right is using two hands and take a look at the fingers of the guy holding the towel on the right.  White knuckle much?  Whatever.  I hope DC gets smashed into oblivion.  UFC is turning into garbage, maybe its always been garbage, I don’t know.  Supercross is on so I don’t care.

Tunes for your weekend.  Pop on some Wax and enjoy your weekend.  I like this guy.  I like a self made man that won’t change for anyone and does what he wants, the way he wants.  Some very entertaining videos if you want to waste a couple of hours.  You could stream his youtube channel to your TV and watch it over the UFC fights.  Great idea I know, you’re welcome.


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