Live Tunes

Live music is the best! In my mind there is no comparison to a good live show vs. a record. I love the rawness, the vulnerability, and the energy of a great show. Of course I am bias, but I would say a great punk show takes the cake when it comes to live shows. The band feeds off the crowd, the crowd feeds off the band, and around and around we go.

I was able to see Bouncing Souls, Suicide Machines, and one of my all time favorites, Face to Face in December. I had two tickets but had a cancellation last minute and decided to roll up regardless and I was so stoked to have done it. The show was ALL TIME!

While stalking the inter webs for Face To Face shows I came across a solo acoustic set coming to my town with Trever Kieth and Ray Bottlerocket. No way I’m passing this up. Loaded the oldest grom up for her first concert and it didn’t disappoint. To share such an incredible show with your child and pass that torch on is quite the awesome experience. We were able to meet Trever, sit at a table against the stage, and experience a hell of a show. I love solo sets. No big sound boards, no auto tuners, just a man and his guitar. Raw and unfiltered. Punk rock may not change the world but I can tell you couple albums that have changed my life.

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