Rest easy JL

Josh was one of the most goal driven people I had ever met. Pushing his physical and mental abilities at all times. Life is strange, especially right now. Throughout my journey in life thus far I have met some amazing people, and some not so amazing people. One of the better people I have met... Continue Reading →

TROT in El Paso

Tuesday November 5th, 2k19 at 7:11 PM I received an email from Uncle James that he had signed up for the 100 Mile race in the Franklin Mountains in El Paso. Part of this email was the explanation of the event, and the second was asking me along with his siblings to be his crew... Continue Reading →

Like the first time, every time.

Having photography equipment that sits in a basement is pretty ridiculous. So in an effort not to be ridiculous I pulled out my gear and went to Memorial Skate park with Timmy, our favorite Trap music listening to stuntman. I forget how to use my stuff every single time. The kid is really good on... Continue Reading →

Cali vibes

Going to a skatepark is always an interesting experience. Sometimes the locals can vibe you out and growing up in Utah it always seemed like the vibes in Cali were a bit harder. The older I've gotten the more I realized that vibes at skateparks in general just kind of suck. That is unless you... Continue Reading →

A little pedal

Scored the new GOpro 7 Black. Took it out and adventures on a Sunday morning for a bit. Upper Cordell to Lower Cordell, Redrocks Roundup backwards, a bit of Section 16 and back. Hope to make more use of this little camera, the stability is so rad. Enjoy.

Killer Instinct

Over 30 years as a coach, and the one thing I always struggled with was, can you train a killer instinct?  Rest assured, the “it factor” in athletics, business, and many other disciplines is that killer instinct…the ability to ignore the consequences, tune out pain, anxiety, haters, judgment, and fear,  then “send it” at the moment... Continue Reading →

12 hour Tour de Parks COS

The plan was simple. Ride 12 hours hitting most of the state parks within Colorado Springs City limits. Not sure what made me say ok, and four days post ride, still not sure why I said yes. Hour 1: Started climbing up the chutes to Gold Camp road. Some left over party goers were taking... Continue Reading →

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