Brian Fallon

Music makes the world go around, well at least at Ageless HQ it does.  Our latest pick for good time tunes is Brian Fallon’s solo work.  We have loved Gaslight Anthem for many years now, and we were excited to check out his Debut album Painkillers.  Check out these videos … Continue Reading Brian Fallon

Old man

Because lets face it.  Old men have old men strength, and never cross a guy that has lived a full life.  Should be a good flick.

Send it

Flowing verses sending it.  I would have to say that its a matter of opinion, and we’re not here to judge, much.  My knees and ankles hurt just watching this, but I still watched it.


Rather than updating this site, I have been updating my life.  Taking care of business in multiple ways, but the fire for this site is still there.  I just need to totally realize the direction that I want to take this, and how far I want to take it.  I … Continue Reading Life

Chances are

Chances are Brandon Semenuk is better on a bike than you.  Pretty much any bike he chooses to ride, he is better than you.  This clip is awesome, good soundtrack that doesn’t drown out the riding or make you want to immediately close the window.  Enjoy, I did.   <p><a … Continue Reading Chances are