Fourth Phase

Travis Rice, undeniably is one of the worlds greatest snowboarders.  His latest project "The Fourth Phase" is  a grand journey criss crossing around the globe chasing the water cycles, weather patterns and trying to educate on us on a fourth water phase.  As any sequel expectations are always high, typically the viewer is let down,... Continue Reading →

Strength for 91

One week prior to his injury we were eating Chipotle and laughing.  The smile this man will radiate through any group he is with.  Raw determination and skill to accompany, Sam has set the bar for our sport.  There is not a single doubt in my mind he will overcome.  Much love.

Moto 8

I like moto.  You should also like moto.  Moto 8 looks to be a good addition to the chronicles.

Get out

Get out.  Do more. Enjoy life.  Take more pictures than needed.  Savor the moment.  Enjoy true friendships.  Enjoy any and all weather.  Embrace life. 


Music, yup, I love it.  Having the chance to see one of your favorite bands at one of your favorite venues is a must.  Of course my all time favorite venue is RedRocks in Colorado, but this time of year can be so hit and miss with weather, so the next best option is The... Continue Reading →

Brian Fallon

Music makes the world go around, well at least at Ageless HQ it does.  Our latest pick for good time tunes is Brian Fallon's solo work.  We have loved Gaslight Anthem for many years now, and we were excited to check out his Debut album Painkillers.  Check out these videos and then listen to the... Continue Reading →

Utah Shredder, Cody Kelly

Ageless fam loves Cody Kelly, and it is our belief that Cody is the hottest MTB rider to come out of Utah in a long time.  His attitude and bike skills are equally awesome, and every week his manual mondays have us all wishing we had a bit of skill.  If you want to be... Continue Reading →


Maybe its the fact that Im a father to two girls.  Maybe its because Im surrounded by confident women.  Maybe I just respect the women of our sport.  One thing for sure, I'm stoked for the U.S. olympic team, and the riders representing.  This little ditty came out this week thank to ODI grips.  Alise... Continue Reading →


Dani G. is one of our newest contributors.  When Dani isn't shredding the world on her BMX bike she is studying to earn her bachelors, and being an overall awesome person.  We look forward to more of her contributions and also to see where she goes in this world.  -Jonas Dubai is a little gem located... Continue Reading →

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