Utah Shredder, Cody Kelly

Ageless fam loves Cody Kelly, and it is our belief that Cody is the hottest MTB rider to come out of Utah in a long time.  His attitude and bike skills are equally awesome, and every week his manual mondays have us all wishing we had a bit of skill.  If you want to be... Continue Reading →


Maybe its the fact that Im a father to two girls.  Maybe its because Im surrounded by confident women.  Maybe I just respect the women of our sport.  One thing for sure, I'm stoked for the U.S. olympic team, and the riders representing.  This little ditty came out this week thank to ODI grips.  Alise... Continue Reading →


Dani G. is one of our newest contributors.  When Dani isn't shredding the world on her BMX bike she is studying to earn her bachelors, and being an overall awesome person.  We look forward to more of her contributions and also to see where she goes in this world.  -Jonas Dubai is a little gem located... Continue Reading →

And again, still better than you

Brandon Semenuk, though  Canadian, is still better than you on any two wheels, and is amazing to watch.  When done right, I love a video without a music soundtrack, and this video does not disappoint.  Oh and before you go all crazy about my Canadian jab, it was a joke, my grandfather was a pilot... Continue Reading →

Huckers. Not found here

I live in Utah.  I see my fair share of huckers out on the trails, and local dirt jumps.  I find it it disgusting the lack of skill and finesse when it comes to local MTBriders, that can send the big stuff merely because they have the suspension to absorb any and all impact.  They... Continue Reading →


Word spread quickly through the cycling world yesterday as one of the good guys passed on.  As a fan, and a fan only, I was introduced to Stevie Smith in the video Seasons.  I became an instant fan and that fan-ship has grown over the years with cups of coffee and early morning World Cup racing... Continue Reading →


I am a fan of creativity, and one of the most creative people I have ever met is Brett Lopisnky.  We have quite a few people we consider family, and Brett is definitely one of those people.  We are continually amazed by each project or hobby Brett chooses, and then excels at.  Somewhere I have a... Continue Reading →

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