Well I blew it on shutter speed so I made up for it in over processing and making the photos look like the were edited with a crayon. Ya win some, ya lose some. Had a fun session regardless.


Words: Tracy - Photos: Jonas A year ago this month I “did a thing”; at least that’s what I told my family and friends. In truth I found a companion, a challenge, and much joy. I love dogs - there’s no and/ifs/or buts about it. We had Golden Retrievers throughout my childhood and with five... Continue Reading →

The Rising

Words: James - Photos: Jonas SunriseWhat is it about a sunrise these days that sparks the endorphins in my brain? Granted, the sky is filled with an array of colors that we don’t typically see throughout the day. Is it that change in visual perspective that calls to me? Is that why I’m willing to... Continue Reading →

Rest easy JL

Josh was one of the most goal driven people I had ever met. Pushing his physical and mental abilities at all times. Life is strange, especially right now. Throughout my journey in life thus far I have met some amazing people, and some not so amazing people. One of the better people I have met... Continue Reading →

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